"I think it is wonderful what you are giving the kids...an entrance into something active, calming, and reflective, a great tool that they can use to balance out life--physically and emotionally."
--Kati Koza

"Both of my children are physically active; however they utilized a whole new muscle group this week--the core.  I have noticed less complaints of, "My muscles are so tight," from one daughter.  They both have put on daily recitals at home showcasing their recently learned techniques.  I think this was a wonderful camp which was diverse in activities to maintain my children's attention and interest.  I would highly recommend this camp and Mrs. Swearingian to people."
--Heidi Bauer

"My kids have been doing yoga with Mrs. Swearingian for a few years now and it is honestly one of the best classes they have taken.  Not only have they learned yoga poses that strengthen their bodies, but also essential life-long coping skills.  I love how there are different themes during the month that allow the kids to talk about real issues that they experience in their lives. My kids have learned breathing techniques to calm test anxiety, have talked through things that scare them, built confidence in themselves and strengthened friendships.  The things that my kids have learned in class have become frequent conversation starters for our family and have allowed us to better connect with each other. Mrs. Swearingian is the key to the why these classes work so well. She is an excellent teacher and has created the perfect environment for kids to open up and try new things. I highly recommend Yoga Learning Adventures."  

--Jen Adler



"When Angie moved from classroom teaching to our PE position, she revamped our PE program, teaching all of our students mindfulness and yoga. She also led professional development activities for our staff to increase carryover into the classrooms. From the beginning, we have seen a steady decrease in the number of disruptive behaviors and disciplinary incidents at Kellar. Students have more tools to use to self-regulate and it shows in their interactions. Visitors regularly comment on how calm and happy our students are!"
--Ken Turner, Kellar Principal




"My son has anxiety and this has often times created struggles in the classroom. I want to say the yoga he learned last year has carried him through many tense situations – especially the breathing exercises (turtle breaths rock!) There have been times that we have used breathing exercises into our home life and other out-of-school situations. He has been able to take this and even teach others which has helped his confidence. It has empowered him in an amazing way. Yoga gave him so much. He had something he was interested in that others did not know a lot about and he enjoyed teaching others. It gave him a concrete way to calm himself down. He was excited about yoga and it was just one of the many ways he looked up to and admired Mrs. Swearingian."
--Susan Hudson, 2015

"Yoga and kindergarten students go amazing well together. As a weekly classroom volunteer in Mrs. Swearingian's room, I've had the chance to observe students using yoga as part of their lessons. The students also share their yoga insights when we work together on other projects. These children embrace the movement and breathing that comes with yoga. Instead of having to sit still while learning, the students are able to channel their energy into movements that help reinforce lessons learned on a field trip or in an earlier activity. By knowing how to move their bodies, the children are more aware of themselves and their strengths. My son Sam likes to show me his yoga poses and how well he can balance and stretch. He says it makes him stronger for when he plays basketball and baseball. Sam and his classmates also know how to use breathing exercises as a way to calm themselves down. After observing a recent yoga session in Mrs. Swearingian's room, the children shared what they liked about yoga. Here are some of the comments I heard: It makes me calm. It makes me strong. It helps me relax. It calms me down. It lets me rest. Pretty impressive self-awareness for a group of 5 and 6 year olds!"
--Andrea Tortora

"You have organized the class well and the materials/ideas you've given us can be useful in almost any kind of classroom in various ways. It's great how, through this class, these ideas can spread out to the 20+ teachers in the class, then they can share it with teachers at their school and try it with their students and it just spreads exponentially. It's given me some good ideas of things to try at school that I don't think I wouldn't have thought about if I hadn't signed up for this class and set aside some time to stop and think about these things. It's really cool that you decided to lead this training. I think it's been a success, I find it worthwhile, and I'm glad I signed up. Kudos to you for doing it."
--Brad Johnson
High School Teacher
Jamieson School, Peoria

"Yoga in the classroom changed my students’ lives for the better. After attending Angie’s Yoga and Mindfulness for Educators, I implemented yoga and mindfulness into my daily schedule, just like any other activity. Angie opened my mind to the benefits of relaxation, breathing, and yoga, not only in my classroom, but also in my personal life. I have seen my students’ focus improve. They look forward to our yoga times throughout the day. At first I thought it would be hard to make time for it, but it isn’t. It really helps my students after major transitions, such as first thing in the morning, after PE, and after recess. I highly recommend taking this class. You and your students will be so happy you did!"
--Anna Hansard

Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher

Bartonville Grade School

"Angie is an amazing teacher - seriously, one of the best I know! The work she does with children builds character and resiliency. She also does workshops with teachers to help them practice strategies to promote mindfulness in the classroom. I HIGHLY recommend her work!!"
--Cindy Dollman
Director of Professional Learning
Peoria Regional Office of Education (PROE Center)

"This workshop is a MUST for all teachers, administrators, or those who work with students!  It reminds us that we need to START with ourselves- physically, mentally, cognitively, and spiritually before we can help children.  Angie reinforces how we need to be our BEST before we can teach children life lessons."
--Amy Heinz
Kindergarten Teacher
Norwood School, Peoria

"After attending Yoga and Mindfulness for Educators, I feel the climate in my classroom has drastically changed.  With the guidance I received from my time in the training, we've gotten in a daily routine of incorporating some of these exercises together as a class, but more importantly, these practices are really starting to take off as tools my students are using at other times throughout the day to help with managing their emotions.  There have been days when the mindfulness scripts have completely turned around my classroom for the day and saved my sanity!  I truly love the connection that yoga and mindfulness provide me and the students and the sense of calm and self-worth it instills in each and every child that participates." 
--Samantha Alvarado
3rd Grade Teacher
Peoria Heights Grade School

"This past fall I had the pleasure of attending Angie Swearingian’s Yoga and Mindfulness PD. As an employee of FamilyCore,  I was not reimbursed for the 5 week class, but felt that the benefits to the students I work with far outweighed the price I paid for the PD.
Angie is an amazing teacher and the skills, movement, and mindfulness training that I received have already helped not only the students I work with, but have also taught me the importance of taking care of myself so I am stronger and healthier mentally, physically, and spiritually. Angie also provided many resources that I continue to use as a school liaison. This class is truly priceless!"
--Joanna Kenser, MSW
Family School Liaison
FamilyCore, Peoria

"I went to this training and was totally blown away. I thought that I was just going to be learning some simple yoga techniques to help with student focus and behavior, but I received so much more. I learned some great strategies that helped with focus and calming students as well as a self-care practice for myself. Although I use essential oils at home, this training also taught us how to incorporate essential oils into the classrooms to help our students. This was an awesome and eye opening training! Angie Swearingian rocks!!!"
--Chatea Green
Quest Middle School, Peoria

"Taking Yoga and Mindfulness for Educators this past fall was life changing.  Angie Swearingian is a highly qualified, professional educator with a passion to teach others how to take care of themselves first, then help our students through movement and relaxation activities.  As a veteran classroom teacher and our current PE teacher, Angie understands the challenges educators, administrators, and students face daily.  I highly recommend this course to everyone."  
--Karen Vitale
3rd Grade Teacher
Kellar School, Peoria